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Tips for Moving with Children

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Moving with children can be stressful, leaving an old home for a new home, saying goodbye to friends, and disrupting your children’s routine. And it’s not just your younger ones, either your pre-teen or the teenager can react in ways that you were not expecting. The best way to reduce the stress of moving with children is to look for possible stressors and make a plan on how to address them.

Tips To Make Moving With Kids Easier

Break the news

You should start with a family meeting. It would be easier to discuss the matter in a neutral environment where everyone is calm and having fun. A great idea can be to order a pizza at dinner and bring up the conversation in a cheerful way. This will be the best time to tell your children about the move whether it is due to a promotion or a new job. You should encourage them to express their emotions and concerns, no matter what they are so that they can let it all out in a positive way. If it is their first time moving or they have a negative experience, you may have to face greater resistance, which is why it is best to tell them early on and give them time to accept the reality.

Involve your children in the moving process

Between finding a new home, packing, and coordinating with your reputable local mover, it’s all too easy to overlook your kids in the moving process. Let your children help. Even the littlest task can make a difference in your child’s reactions towards their new home.

If possible, let the kids pack a few of their own stuff. As an extra tip, try customising moving box labels with your kid’s names written on them.


Hire a kid-friendly moving company

Driving a moving truck by yourself can be exhausting. As you have already been working around the clock to keep the kids organized and pack your entire belongings for the move, driving the moving truck by yourself may not be the best choice. You can reduce the stress by hiring a licensed and insured local moving company such as Your Hometown Mover. Some moving companies offer pet-care and childcare services. Some of the companies even provide kids with fun kits on moving day to keep the little ones happy and out of the way. Whatever your budget allows, you know that it is possible to make moving day a fun experience for the kids, so try to do that in whatever way possible.

Organize a moving sale

Once you’ve decides what you want to pack and what you want to purge, get the kids to help you organize a moving sale. They can help you sort through everything. Let them know that the profits from the sale will be used for something for the family. You can organize a family meeting and decide on what that might be. Whatever it is, the more invested the kids are in the goal, the more helpful they’ll be with organizing the sale.

Pack most of the house while they are asleep

It’s best to get the majority of the work done while your kids are still sleeping. You will surely get things immediately if you are not being disturbed. Toys are always an area where the conflict starts. Kids can be attached to their toys to the point that it can turn into days of crying and frustration. Remember to keep a separate box of toys unpacked until the last minute, so your kids remain busy and do not bother you during your packing.

Visit the new home

If you’re able, take the children to the new place for a visit. If you’re moving across town, plan to spend the day doing a tour of the house the new neighbourhood for them to familiarize the new environment.

Pack your kids moving day bags

It is essential that you help your kids pick their stuff and pack a bag. These will include their favourite teddy bear, toothbrush, towel etc. Everyone is attached to something and wants to have it close once they move to a new place. This makes them feel at home.

Need help?

Moving from one place to another can present many challenges, but good things also come from this kind of change. Your family can grow closer, and you may learn more about each other by going through it together. When moving with children, every little thing matters. Although it is an overwhelming process, it can go smoothly if you plan it well. Feel free to contact Your Hometown Mover anytime to schedule a free in-home estimate, call (845) 419-3808 or fill out our online form, and we’d be happy to help you with your moving and packing needs.

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