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Tips for protecting your furniture during a move

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Protecting your furniture during a move in not an easy task. Whether you’re hiring a reputable moving company or doing it yourself, your furniture should always be handled with care during a move. When you reach your new home, you want your most valuable items to be damage free. Without proper precautions, wood furniture can get gouged, upholstery can be ripped, and glass can break. Learn how to protect your furniture during a move at Your Hometown Mover.

Tips for protecting your furniture during a move:

Clean Your Furniture Thoroughly

Cleaning your items thoroughly is one of the best steps that you can need to prepare your furniture for storage. Be sure to clean your items down with a proper cleaner for the specific materials such as wood, glass, plastic, etc. and make sure that all dust is removed. You will also want to make sure that you completely dry each item that you wipe down. If your furniture is stored with any moisture on them, they can get damaged over time.

Dismantle Furniture in Advance

Large furniture may come in pieces. Disassemble the furniture, when possible, to reduce the load and ensure safer handling. Each dismantled part should be wrapped to protect them during the move. An important step to take prior to disassembly is to take a picture of the furniture so that you have visual notes to follow for easy reassembly when you get to your new home.

Proper Placement

Once the furniture has been thoroughly wrapped, placing them strategically in the moving truck adds an extra element of security. Move the largest furniture to the farthest end of the truck for better stability.

Dressers, tables, and any other square-shaped items should receive extra attention with moving blankets. Once the dressers and tables are loaded in, their surfaces can be used as spaces for extra things. Unwrapped mattresses can be maintained free of dirt by placing moving blankets on the truck floor. Wrapped upholstery deserves an additional layer of protection with layers of packing blankets surrounding them.

Cover Your Items

Covering the furniture that you put into storage is important to maintaining the quality of your items. Anything from your wood dresser to your flat screen tv can be at risk if not stored with a proper cover for protection. For this, we recommend using covering like a bubble wrap, moving blankets, or stretch wrap. The best way to prepare your furniture for storage is to protect it for the long-term. Covering items completely will prevent dust collection and the elements of the facility to impact your goods.

Proper Inventory

A first step in moving furniture is preparation. The preparation starts with creating an inventory of all the furniture you plan to move. Assign a space in the inventory list for the current state of each furniture item.

Retain a visual record of the furniture’s conditions by taking pictures of any scratches, dents or nicks. Once the move is finished, you can recheck the inventory list to ensure all items have been delivered damage-free.

Prepare Furniture for Packing

Before you start packing your things, take the time to thoroughly clean your furniture. Dust and other debris can scratch the surfaces during the moving process. Cleaning the furniture before you move also means you won’t bring any unnecessary dirt into your new home.

Have a Placement Plan

How you place your things in the moving truck is very important. That’s why you should to take time to plan. This will make things smoother for you and your reputable movers.

Work with a licensed and insured local moving company

As challenging as moving day can be, those relocating can take the hassle out of packing by hiring a reputable local mover such as Your Hometown Mover that is experienced in both furniture disassembly and moving. Your Hometown Mover offers high-quality full-service moving and storage at half the cost of the major van lines.

Whether your move includes changing possessions in either a home or business, Your Hometown Mover has the professional equipment and dedicated movers to ensure the move and all furniture assembly and disassembly are handled with care.

We hope we provided some helpful insight into how to protect your furniture during a move.

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