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Tips on How to Safely Pack and Move a TV

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Packing up and moving your electronics may require a bit of planning, patience and the right materials. Think about how your television was packaged when you got them. That’s mostly what you’re going for, maximum protection of all screens, handles, and inputs. Especially keeping track of which cords go to what devices and where they plug in are essential to maintaining the frustration of reconnecting at a minimum.

Use these easy steps to help protect your TV when moving:

Remove any accessories and cords

When preparing your TV to be packed for a move, you should first unplug the TV and remove the power cord that attaches any accessories, such as streaming devices or DVD players. This is the first step when dealing with appliances.

If possible take a picture or make a diagram to illustrate how your television components and other devices connect. It’s also a great idea to label each cord, so you know what it goes to and how to attach it.

Clean your TV with a microfiber cloth

Take the time to clean all the dust and debris off of your TV before packing to remove potentially harmful dirt. Use a dry cloth and wipe away any dust particle from the screen. Not only will this help keep you clean as you move the TV, but also prevent the dust and dirt left on the screen to cause permanent scratched on the screen of your TV while shifting during transport.

Cover your TV before packing it

A layer of foam and bubble wrap will go a long way to help protect your TV during transport. If you want to pack your TV safely, you will need to cover it with foam or bubble wrap before putting it in the box.

Use a dedicated TV box

You might think bubble wrap and moving blankets are all you need, but if you want to protect your expensive appliance, you need a solid box. You can buy a TV box online to fit your television. Considering the expense of replacing your TV, it’s well worth the money.

Once you’ve completely covered the TV and placed it into the box, you want to make sure it’s secure. Without the right packing materials, it could shift, which could cause problems during the move. Make sure you use furniture pads, foam, bubble wrap, or something soft to ensure it’s completely secured inside the box.

Purchase a packing kit

If you don’t have the original packaging of your TV, you can buy packing materials that is mostly made for packing TVs. It includes a box and cushioning that can hold TVs in a range of sizes. Make sure to look at the packaging before you buy the kit to make sure your TV will fit in it.

Keep all hardware together

There is nothing worse than arriving at your new house, unpacking your appliances, and realising you don’t know where the hardware or cord is to use it. Make sure to keep all the device with the cable and label the remotes and any extra controllers to identify quickly.

Keep the TV upright

One of the biggest mistakes people make when moving a TV is placing it the wrong way. Typically it’s a good idea to leave the TV upright like it would be if you were watching it. But if you don’t have the stand, don’t risk it shifting and falling. Place it to somewhere flat and soft like the middle of your bed. Do not place it against a wall or put it near the edge of a table.

Throughout the move, make sure that the TV is kept upright at all times. TVs are becoming thin and can be a lot more fragile than older models. To avoid cracks or breaks, reduce stress on the TV by keeping it upright.

Tape the packaging closed

Once your TV is completely packed, you can seal up the box. Make sure the box is fully tape so that it will stay intact even if it is moved around and pushed during transportation.

Need help?

If you’re worried on how to safely pack and move your TV, hire a licensed and insured local moving company such as Your Hometown Mover to pack and move it for you. Our reputable local mover will ensure that your TV will arrive in the condition it left your old home.

If you need more detailed information on how to move your Television safely, contact Your Hometown Mover anytime at 845) 419-3808 to schedule your free in-home move estimate.

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