Accidents happen and we apologize for the inconvenience. Claims are only handled in writing.

Please fill out the following claim information:


  • Hourly moves are based on charging you by the hour for however long it takes to complete your move safely and efficiently.
  • All moves have a 4 hour minimum.
  • You are responsible for packing your own boxes and all glass items such as pictures, glass table tops, glass shelving, and mirrors. Small countertop appliances must be packed in boxes.
  • We recommend you transport your high-value items such as bank bills, coin or currency, deeds, notes, drafts or valuable papers of any kind, jewelry, postage stamps, stamp collections, revenue stamps, letters or packets of letters, precious stones, or perishable articles. Responsibility for safe delivery will not be assumed.
  • Please confirm that your origin and destination addresses are accessible by our moving trucks – If we are unable to drive our trucks within 75ft of the dwelling, there will be a $250 cost for a shuttle truck.
  • You are responsible for the disconnect/reconnect of all appliances such as TVs, stereo systems, Air conditioners, washers, dryers, refrigerators and electric stoves. WE DO NOT install ANY ELECTRIC, NATURAL GAS or PROPANE APPLIANCES.
  • Additional services such as, packing materials, packing services, long carry and inventory items that are not listed on your move estimate could result in additional charges to your move price. We will always quote you the additional cost before proceeding. You can make changes to your move plan by contacting your relocation consultant.


  • Credit cards are accepted for your move deposits only – Final payment must be made in CASH or CERTIFIED FUNDS.
  • Full payment is due in full prior to offloading at time of delivery in all cases.
  • All sales are final, There are no refunds on services rendered. The shipper agrees to pay the charges listed on this moving estimate in full, prior to offloading. If the move takes less time, the balance owed will be refunded.
  • The shipper authorizes Your Hometown Mover LLC to charge their credit card according to the terms outlined in this moving estimate. This payment authorization is for the goods/services described above, for the amount indicated above, and is valid for payment for services rendered. The shipper certifies that they are an authorized user of the credit card provided for the move deposit/balance due and that they will not dispute the payment with the credit card company under any circumstance; so long as the transaction corresponds to the terms indicated on this moving estimate and accompanying bill of lading.

If you have signed the DELIVERY ACKNOWLEDGEMENT*** without noting the claim for damage or loss on your paperwork at the time of your move, your claim can be denied.


If a damage occurs THE SHIPPER MUST NOTE DAMAGE on paperwork during move and SHIPPER MUST PAY ALL CHARGES IN FULL. Please include pictures before and after the move, and detailed damage descriptions to file any claim. Please remit to us within 14 days of move completion. All claims will be handled in writing via email or US Postal and will be resolved within 90 days of move date. Claims are not handled over the phone, only by e-mail or US Postal. The carrier is only liable for $0.30 cents per pound per article if no additional liability insurance is purchased. Perishable articles or articles of high value will not be accepted. Unless otherwise provided, the following property will not be accepted for shipment: Bank bills, coin or currency, deeds, notes, drafts or valuable papers of any kind, jewelry, postage stamps, stamp collections, revenue stamps, letters or packets of letters, precious stones, or articles manufactured therefrom or perishable articles. Should such articles come into the possession of the carrier without his knowledge, responsibility for safe delivery will not be assumed. Your Hometown Mover is not liable for minor RUB MARKS, SCUFFS & SCRAPES: Furniture will be wider after being blanket wrapped, this may cause minor rub marks, scuffs and scrapes on door jams, and narrow hallway walls due to the movement of furniture in tight spaces. Please send claim info in writing to


I have inspected my goods and premises, including but not limited to elevators, floors, and stairwells. There are no damages except as noted. The shipment was received in good condition and services ordered were performed. The cab and the back of the truck are empty and the job is complete.