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Quick answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions, call our customer service representatives at (845) 419-3808.

Business & Services

No. Your Hometown Mover is not a broker and does not hire any subcontractors. Your Hometown Mover is a professional moving company that will move you out of your old location and into your new one. Moreover, at Your Hometown Mover we use only our own trucks and trailers, and the only people you as a customer will engage with are Your Hometown Mover employees.

Always make sure to verify this about the moving company you consider! And yes, Your Hometown Mover is fully licensed and insured to move you from/to anywhere.

We are licensed and insured by the U.S. Department of Transportation, The New York State Dept. of Transportation, the Federal Maritime Commission, and we are held to the highest standard by the Better Business Bureau.

USDOT#: 2789843 | MC# 045842 | NYDOT# 39744

Yes, we also have storage capabilities. Please speak with your Relocation Consultant in regards to options and pricing.

Yes, our moving team is trained to move all kinds of pianos.

Yes. Shuttle service, in case needed, is provided by Your Hometown Mover. However, it has an additional cost.

Yes, we can provide a COI after your reservation is made, at no charge.

Yes, we provide packing services. Please speak with your Relocation Consultant in regards to options and pricing.

Before & After the Move

If you have specific time and date restrictions, always try to plan and schedule your move a month in advance. Speak with our moving specialist to get started now.

Your Hometown Mover is only liable to replace or repair damaged/missing items if you chose to purchase the Full Value Protection for additional cost. We also work with a 3rd party company as another option for protection.

In the event that you have chosen to go with the Free Basic Coverage, the liability is 30 cent per pound for local moves and 60 cents per pound for long distance, with a maximum payout per item of \$100.

We offer TV protection for an additional cost or you can use your original TV box for protection. 

Please keep in mind that our maximum payout for damage is $100. TV’s that are not protected by the shipper or placed in the proper box are excluded from our basic liability coverage. 

Packing & Unpacking

Packing of boxes is not included in your standard move estimate. We provide packing of boxes for an additional charge, speak with a move consultant to discuss availability and pricing.

Boxes can be provided for you to pack on your own. If you are interested in buying boxes, you may do so with your relocation consultant. The sizes vary. There are small, medium, large, china, and wardrobe boxes.

Yes. In order to prevent damages we recommend emptying all drawers. 

Liquids are prohibited on trucks for safety reasons.

We recommend not packing important documents or items such as personal financial information, car keys, insurance policies, cash, prescription medicine, licenses, birth certificates/passports, jewelry of extraordinary value, etc. You can take them with you or have them shipped separately by a friend or family member after you move in. These items are NOT covered by Your Hometown Mover.

Yes! Please have all your items packed into boxes and ready to move the morning of your move date. This includes glass inserts in furniture, dresser drawers, lamp and lampshades. We do not move loose items so we recommend having everything packed into boxes or we can pack the loose items for the additional time and material. 

Yes! We recommend you use your original TV box or purchase a box prior to your move date. We offer TV protection for an additional cost. Call to speak with your moving consultant to request your tv boxes prior to your move date. 

Please keep in mind that with basic liability our maximum payout for damage per item is $100. TV’s that are not protected by the shipper or placed in the proper box are excluded from our basic liability coverage. We recommend you purchase Full-Value Protection to if you have multiple or expensive TV’s.

Pick up & Delivery

That will be determined by our customer service / dispatch department. Your move estimate will show an arrival window but these times are NOT guaranteed. Unforeseen circumstances are common in the moving industry such as delays due to weather, traffic, DOT Safety Inspections and weight stations along the route.`

A delivery window is a window of dates that your items will be delivered within. The delivery window is based on the size of your move and on the distance. You or someone else must be present to accept your shipment during the dates provided.

Your Hometown Mover does offer guaranteed delivery options. Please speak with your moving consultant to see if that option is available for you and to inquire about pricing.

When you are moving in the winter, it is important to be prepared for sudden, unexpected challenges. Unfortunately, certain situations we just have no control over. One such instance is when your move is canceled or delayed due to severe weather conditions. Our job is to relocate your belongings safely and poor weather conditions can significantly slow down the moving process and increase the time/cost to perform your move. Dangerously cold weather may force our dispatch department to reschedule your move.

Our movers will not unmount tv’s or disconnect any electronics. We are great movers but we are definitely not geek squad.

You are responsible for the disconnect/reconnect of all appliances such as tv’s, stereo systems, Air conditioners, washers, dryers, refrigerators and electric stoves. WE DO NOT install ANY ELECTRIC, NATURAL GAS or PROPANE APPLIANCES. The shipper is responsible for packing all cables, wires and remotes.

Ideally we encourage customers to be present during their move so you can supervise the process, if you cannot be home we ask you to designate an adult representative that you can trust to help supervise your move in or out (friend, family member, assistant). The person needs to be an adult, and a Power of Attorney must be signed before the movers reach your home or office.

Pricing & Payment

We accept Cash, Credit/Debit Card (American Express, MasterCard, Visa), Certified Bank Check, and Postal Money Order.

Subject to federal law, payment in FULL of all charges is required before delivery and prior to unloading.

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