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Thousands of dollars have been dispersed to satisfied customers who referred us to their friends and family.

Do you want to earn extra money by referring moves to Your Hometown Mover? Our affiliate program allows you to earn a commission on your referral’s completed move. There is no limit to how much you can earn – it all depends on how many referrals you make.

Lets do the math...

Your Commission is 5% & the Average Local Move Cost is $1,100.00.

$1,100.00 x 5% = $55 Referral Reward

Your Commission is 5% & the Average Long Distance Move Cost is $4,700.00.

$4,700.00 x 5% = $235 Referral Reward

The Fine Print

You can view our full affiliate program terms and conditions here.

Here's How it Works

  • 5% referral commission for local moves on the total and paid line-haul excluding fuel.
  • 5% for Long Distance moves (outside state of NY and FL) on the total and paid line-haul excluding fuel.
  • The move must be a completed move. If your referral does not move with Your Hometown Mover, you will not receive a referral fee.
  • All referrals must be submitted through our affiliate program referral form or our personalized affiliate tracking app.
  • Your referral fee will be paid to you via certified bank check to your nominated mailing address within 30 days from the date the move has been completed (not booked).
  • Payment method: certified bank check only.
  • We do not honor any referrals made after the referral’s move date or after the referral has booked their move with Your Hometown Mover. All referrals must be made prior to the referral booking their move.

Unlock your Benefits

Here are the simple steps to unlocking the benefits of our Affiliate Program:

  • Fill out our referral form below with accurate information
  • Your referral will be informed that you have referred them, and our moving consultants will assist them with planning and booking their move
  • Once the move is completed, you will receive 5% of the moving fee (depending on the location) as a commission fee via your nominated online payment method
  • Our team will notify you when the payment is on its way
  • Keep referring and earning!

In addition to earning extra cash, you’ll also strengthen your friendship with your referral by connecting them with the top moving company in New York & Florida. Plus, you’ll have enough money to treat yourselves to a round of drinks.

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