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3 Questions To Ask Before Selecting a Long-Distance Mover

3 Questions To Ask Before Selecting a Long-Distance Mover

Moving is a difficult enough process when you’re simply going across town. But when you’re planning to relocate to another state or even another region, it’s only natural that ordeal would come with an even bigger headache. As such, you need a moving team that you know you can trust with the task. These are some important questions to ask before selecting a long-distance mover so that you know your possessions are in good hands during this time.

Do You Have the Proper Licensing?

All professional, long-distance moving companies must have a practicing license issued by the United States Department of Transportation. This documentation indicates that a business adheres to the established regulations for moving and transporting property over state lines. With their registered license number, you can even look up their history of complaints with the USDT, so you’ll be able to tell right away if a team has the qualifications to move your things.

Have You Completed Long-Distance Moves in the Past?

It’s also important to ask if a company has helped with long-distance moves before. Transporting items over several thousand miles can come with its own set of challenges. Consequently, past experience with these types of moves is always a good thing to see. If a moving business has completed these types of moves before, it means that they know how to handle the roadblocks that come with them.

What Liability Coverage Do You Offer?

Another crucial question to ask before selecting a long-distance mover involves the type of liability coverage they have for their clients. All movers must offer a certain amount of liability coverage in the event that a client’s possessions become lost or damaged during transit. This coverage is especially important during long-distance trips since there’s a greater opportunity for something to go missing. Movers can offer full-value protection, which covers the total cost or replacement of damaged goods, or released-value protection, where your options for reimbursement are more limited.

You don’t want to wait until the big day to discover that the moving company you hired can’t meet your needs. That’s why you should reach out to Your Hometown Mover from the start. Our long-distance moving services go the extra mile to assess the unique hazards involved in your specific process and take special care to avoid them. This way, you know that your belongings are safe from whatever the next few steps bring. Give us a call to learn more about our offerings and qualifications.

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