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Experience the Hudson Valley Green Rush at Catskill Mountain High: A Showcase for Cannabis Growers | Your Hometown Mover

# The Green High Lights: Kingston Plaza’s Catskill Mountain High Showcase

### Key Points:

– Catskill Mountain High, based in Kingston Plaza, is about to host a major cannabis growers showcase.
– The event is set to begin at 4:20 pm, this Friday.
– The occasion will promote networking and collaboration within the local cannabis industry.
– This represents a significant opportunity for a thriving sector in the Hudson Valley area.


Deep within the heart of the Hudson Valley resides an unassuming landmark. On any ordinary day, shoppers meander around the [Kingston Plaza](https://goo.gl/maps/dE46hAT57N3VZvt57), completely unsuspecting of the green gold mine nestled there. But come this Friday, the veil lifts, and the green glimmering gem known as [Catskill Mountain High](http://catskillmountainhigh.com) will shine for all to see.

Expected to inspire budding growers and aficionados alike, Catskill Mountain High plans to be more than just a fixture in the Plaza. Starting at, none other than, 4:20 pm this Friday, they will host a significant cannabis growers showcase—one that will undoubtedly put the Hudson Valley’s cannabis industry on the map.

This isn’t your typical farmers market; it represents a refreshing break from the usual apples and kale. Here, it’s all about CBD, THC, hemp, and all the mesmerizing wonders of this multi-billion dollar plant that’s slowly but surely carved its niche in mainstream society. The showcase aims to foster networking and collaboration amongst local cannabis growers and consumers, thereby promoting awareness and acceptance of a trade once stigmatized and misunderstood.

In recent years, the cannabis industry has seen unprecedented growth. For aspiring entrepreneurs and established business owners alike, the Hudson Valley presents a wealth of opportunity. With the local community’s support, the area is gradually becoming a bustling hub for cannabis businesses.

Coupling commerce with education, the Catskill Mountain High showcase serves as both a platform for local cannabis aficionados and a learning ground for the curious and uninitiated. The event aims to broaden perspectives about cannabis —a plant that has been the subject of ongoing debates on benefits, usage, and legality. By the time you leave the showcase, you won’t just know your CBD from your THC; you’ll also have a deep understanding of the economic engine driving this flourishing industry.

Every revolution begins with education, and the cannabis industry is no different. As it takes root in the Hudson Valley, Catskill Mountain High continues to play a crucial role in bringing attention to the economic, medicinal, and recreational potential of cannabis through events like the upcoming showcase.

With such an exciting event happening around Kingston Plaza, the Hudson Valley is about witness an influx of visitors curious to explore the area. If you’re considering moving here, or you’re looking to branch out and take the plunge into this booming business, remember that change can be complex, but having a trusted mover can simplify the process.

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Experience the Hudson Valley Green Rush at Catskill Mountain High

The Promise of a Booming Industry

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