Flat Rate vs. Hourly Movers: Which Is Best for Your Move?

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When it comes time to transition from one location to another, you must pack and transport all your belongings. This process takes a long time and is quite laborious, especially if you lack the support system to do it efficiently. That’s why movers are the best way to go when moving—as the saying goes, many hands make quick work. The only problem is that there are many moving options to choose from. This begs the question, are flat rate or hourly movers better for your move?

Imagine that it’s moving day and you have your two-story house packed up and ready for transport. You have movers show up to help you transition more efficiently, and boxes start leaving your home. As the day wears on, you notice the pace lagging behind your expectations for the day. Hours pass one after the other, and you begin to wonder if you hired enough help or if you have too much stuff. Finally, evening comes, and the final boxes get onto the moving truck just before sunset. Four extra hours elapsed beyond what you anticipated, leaving you scrambling to catch up on your other plans for the day.

Hourly Rate Movers

Hourly rate movers work under the assumption that their help will quicken your moving process. But these contracts can quickly turn into massive financial headaches. In the above scenario, you run over time with your moving process. You’ve been in the house with the moving crew and you know they’ve been working as hard as they can. Nonetheless, you’re several hours past your budgeted time and payment. Now, you have to pay the movers almost 50 percent more than originally planned.

Flat Rate Movers

Flat rate movers operate with a prearranged payment. This agreement establishes that you pay a single rate upfront. This way, you can avoid expensive nightmares at the end of a long moving day. Flat rate movers will work hard to hold up their end of the deal, making the most of your contract.

How To Choose

As you may imagine, flat rate mover prices start higher than hourly rate movers. The different business models make different impacts on your wallet, so you should weigh your options. Hourly movers could cost a bit less if everything goes quickly. But once you pass into overtime, your cost grows exponentially. On the other hand, flat rate movers will do their hard work all day long without high-cost surprises. If you want a safe, effective option, then choose flat rate movers.

Are flat rate or hourly movers better for your move? With all the information in hand, you can make the best choice. If you have any questions about your move and how to make the most of your extra helping hands, reach out to Your Hometown Mover today. We are a premier flat rate moving company in New York, offering a seamless transition from one door to the next.

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