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Iconic Parlor Store in New Paltz: A Enchanting Hub for Arts and Music Closing Doors

“Parlor” Store in New Paltz: A Musical and Artistic Hub Closing it’s Doors

Key Article Points:

– The iconic Parlor storefront, a vibrant hub for arts and music lovers in New Paltz, is soon shutting down.
– This bricks-and-mortar establishment has been a catalyst for creativity and artistic expression, offering an array of music records, clothing and much more.
– The store’s looming closure has raised concerns about the vitality of local art and music scene.
– The Parlor has played host to numerous music events, collaborating with local artists and DJs that added more color and life to New Paltz.
– The shutting down of the Parlor hints at the changing landscape of the local market, with a heavy tilt toward e-commerce.

The hyperlink to the original article: SUNY The New Paltz Oracle


Located at the heart of New Paltz, the Parlor store has always been more than just a retail outlet for arts and music enthusiasts. This unique establishment, adorned with stacks of records, racks of exclusive clothing, and an array of intricate artworks, has been a landmark of the town – a creative springboard for local artists and musicians and a bustling congregation of art buffs and music aficionados alike. Sadly, this iconic store will soon shut its doors, marking an end of an era.

An Artistic Hub Dimming Its Lights

The Parlor started as an ambitious venture to nurture and sustain the vibrant cultural scene of New Paltz. Its doors opened to everyone – a graffiti artist seeking inspiration, a young musician hunting for rare music records, or a fashion enthusiast hunting for unique vintage clothing pieces. Over the years, the Parlor evolved into much more than a store. It was a pulse, resonating the rhythm and soul of the town – the artistic expression of New Paltz.

A Catalyst for Creativity and Collaboration

Far from being just a clothing or record store, the Parlor served as a stage for numerous music events, nurturing fresh talent. It cultivated partnerships with local musicians and artists, offering them the opportunity to showcase their craft. The news of Parlor’s closing rings an ominous bell, raising concerns about the vibrancy of the local music and art scene.

Market Transition: From Bricks to Clicks

The impending closure of the Parlor potentially points towards the changing landscape of local commerce. The rise of digital platforms and soaring eCommerce popularity has posed concrete challenges to physical retail stores, and it seems even the charm of the Parlor could not entirely ward off this trend.


The coming down of the Parlor’s storefront signifies a significant turn for the cultural fabric of New Paltz. It is a reminder of the robust interplay between art, commerce, and community, and of the changing dynamics of this relation. As the shop will soon go dark, the legacy of the Parlor would continue to reverberate in the vibrant spirit of artisans who found their muse in its backdrop, the musicians who ignited their careers on its stage, and the visitors who marveled at its diverse offerings.

The threshold of the Parlor may soon disappear, but its essence would linger, celebrating the zest, creativity, and artistic fervor of the enchanting town of New Paltz.
Original Article: https://news.google.com/rss/articles/CBMiVmh0dHBzOi8vb3JhY2xlLm5ld3BhbHR6LmVkdS9wYXJsb3Itc3RvcmUtZm9yLWFydHMtYW5kLW11c2ljLWluLW5ldy1wYWx0ei1jbG9zaW5nLXNvb24v0gEA?oc=5

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