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Sunday Special: Lakota Nation vs United States Documentary Screening in Hudson Valley

Sunday Special: Screening of ‘Lakota Nation vs United States’ in Hudson Valley

The Yard hosting a thought-provoking, socially relevant documentary screening on Lakota Nation vs United States

This Sunday, at The Yard, a historic gathering place in Hudson Valley, is inviting locals and visitors for a riveting screening of ‘Lakota Nation vs United States’. This documentary reveals the stark realities, injustices, and the ongoing legal and political battles faced by the Lakota Nation, against the United States government. Catch the screening at 4 Hanna Lane ( Google Map).

A peek into the unforgiving world of the Lakota Nation

The documentary provides firsthand accounts, interviews, and a broad spectrum of perspectives that puts into perspective the challenges dealt by these Native American communities trying to preserve their land and culture. A hard-hitting depiction, not for the faint-hearted, but absolutely necessary for those who stand by justice and equality.

An opportunity to engage, understand and care-h2>
The Yard’s initiative for this Sunday screening is not just to offer an engaging evening but also to exalting community awareness, understanding, and mutual respect. The effort opens opportunities for locals to introspect the systemic discrimination faced by such communities, and brings forth the importance of local community support.

Rewind, Reclaim, & Realign: The Story of Lakota Nation vs. United States

“Ded na kpásaŋ,” a common phrase used among the Lakota people that translates to “we are still here”, encapsulates the resilient spirit of the nation that has been submerged in years of political struggle and social marginalization.

The Sunday screening of ‘Lakota Nation vs United States’ is an open invitation for the Hudson Valley residents to step into an eye-opening cinematic journey revolving around the Native American tribe’s enduring battle against the U.S government. This sobering tale of fight and survival serves as a testament of resilience, standing tall amidst oppression.

Click to explore the historic landscape of 4 Hanna Lane, Hudson Valley and make sure to mark your calendars to contribute to this meaningful gathering of solidarity.

As you walk out of The Yard, a somber echo of truth and realization nipping at your conscience, remember how this tale of resilience is not just a story—it’s a disheartening reality still faced by many communities.

We’re together in this journey to create a more inclusive, balanced, and understanding community. So whether you are planning a quiet night in, a day out in Hudson Valley, or even contemplating a life-changing move to this extraordinary part of New York, remember to hustle for kindness, empathy, and fairness.

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