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Downsizing: Quick Tips To Maximize Your New Space

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Moving is always a tricky ordeal to manage, especially when downsizing. Changing the size of your space means the scope of your belongings must change as well. Try these quick tips to maximize your new space.

Prioritize Your Furniture

Now that you occupy a smaller space, every inch counts. You must prioritize your furniture and arrange your space according to your largest items. Are you putting your bedroom together? Well, place your bed into the room first and try to fit your dressers around it. If you can’t manage a long dresser or wide nightstand in your smaller room, these items are easier to replace than your mattress.

Move up From the Ground

We put our couches, beds, tables, dressers, and desks all on the floor. While you must build along the floor with most of your furniture and storage, you can move up from the ground. Expand your imagination to include your walls and ceilings.

Instead of using a bookcase in your living room, you could install shelves higher up on the wall for your books and knickknacks, leaving the ground empty for a chair. Or you could install hanging pot racks in your kitchen to make room in your cabinets for pantry items or larger appliances. Bringing the other surfaces of your home into play will help you maximize your space usage.

Storage Solutions, Not Storage Units

The storage unit is the downsizer’s easiest backdoor when you need a quick escape from the stress of reducing your belongings. However, it’s better to avoid these separate warehouses because they are costly, inaccessible, and keep you from achieving your true downsizing purpose. Instead of retreating to the storage unit, you should find creative storage solutions in your home.

The best storage solutions are the ones you wouldn’t think twice about. Imagine using stylized furniture pieces that blend fashion with function. Instead of a bare-legged coffee table with a plain surface, you should use an extendable storage table with a wide cube for storage and a pop-up top. Or you could use a two-in-one desk that features one side with a drawer and another with a flip-open mirror for makeup and jewelry. Whether you use a storage coffee table or a desk vanity, you can get tight with your space and still make it home.

Remember these quick tips to maximize your new space as you move into your place. If you’re in the process of downsizing and need full-service moving companies in NYC, reach out to us at Your Hometown Mover today.

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