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How to Downsize Your Stuff Before Moving

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Moving will always be a little stressful. Even when you move with the best reputable movers and for the best reasons, picking up your entire life and stuff can be overwhelming. However, you can reduce some of that stress by downsizing your stuff.

Whether you’re doing it yourself or with someone’s help, downsizing is never easy. We tend to downsize each time we move, and always dread the process. It’s never easy to select and it’s even more difficult to give up items that you had for a long time.

By keeping only your most important stuff, you’ll make your new home feel like a fresh start. Plus, you’ll lessen the hassle of moving countless objects you might not even want to keep in your new home. In this post, we’ll walk through how to downsize your stuff before moving.

How to downsize your stuff before moving

Start Early

If you wait until you’ve signed a contract on your new home, you’ll end up getting overwhelmed and throwing everything into boxes to take with you. So start going through your stuff as soon as you decide to move.

Involve Your Family

Every item contains different meanings for various family members. You don’t want to keep and store that box of toys from your daughter’s childhood only to find out later she doesn’t want them. You also don’t want to throw your son’s old baseball gear if it holds great sentimental value to him.

Envision Your New Home

Determine which pieces of furniture and other large items will match in the new space, then sell or give away what you won’t be needing after your move. Storing these large items in a monthly storage facility is expensive. Items that were custom-made or specially acquired for your old space also may not transition well to your new place.

Determine The Cost

Estimate the price you can get for selling an item against the cost of moving it. It may be sufficient to buy something more suited to your new home with the money earned from a sale.

Decide What to Get Rid of Before Moving

One of the biggest challenges of downsizing your stuff is determining what to get rid of. When you sort through your items, use the six-month rule to decluttering. Especially if you haven’t used or even thought of that item in at least six months, then it’s time to get rid of it.

Hold a Garage Sale

One of the easiest ways to get rid of extra items is to hold a garage sale. Many people find this a favorite way to dispose of possessions because they can cash in on items that were formerly taking up space.

Donate Your Old Stuff

If you’re not planning on selling your items, consider donating your excess possessions. Many places will even pick up your items directly from your house, even oversize items such as couches, if they are in good condition.

Call up your friends and families if you are uncertain about where to take your stuff. Your friends and families will be happy to take clothing, bedding, and other items. Goodwill is always a good choice, and they often have convenient drop-off centers in parking lots or elsewhere.

Downsize Your Stuff with Your Hometown Mover

It can be tough to get rid of some belongings, but learning how to downsize your stuff is one of the most common moving tips that always brings joy in the end.

While you focus on paring down your possessions, leave the heavy lifting to Your Hometown Mover. In addition to being one of the most preferred local moving companies in Poughkeepsie, NY, and surrounding areas, we are a professionally licensed and insured local moving company. Your Hometown Mover provides high-quality full-service moving and storage at half the cost of the major van lines.

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