Moving Checklist Timelines: Your Guide

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Will your imminent transfer get closer and closer? There are some things that you should be crossing off your to-do list as you reach the big date. With the excitement of a new move comes the fear of not getting everything done in time.

Check out this helpful checklist of what to do from your transfer one month, then a week out, then a day out. Organization and planning are essential to ensure a smooth handover.

One Month Out

Get Organized: Buy some color coded files and folders where all the paperwork related to your transfer can be kept. Take thorough notes in an envelope, and shop receipts in the pockets and other small pieces of paper.

Try to sort by all your belongings. Hold them in three different piles: one for donation, one for discarding and one for holding.

Work pushes companies. Inquire about the prices, experience and available services. Find out if they’re specialized in the type of movement you need, like small movements or fast hauls.

Buy and collect all the items you need including boxes, tape and bubble wrap.

One Week Out

Pack: Go room by room to stop getting overwhelmed. Mark and color code all boxes with the contents and what rooms at the new home they will be put in once. To prevent breakage, antiques, collectibles and electronics should be shipped separately and with the correct packaging supplies.

Dispose of hazardous materials, like paint and propane, properly.

Confirm the day and time they will turn up to handle your shift, call your mover.

One Day Out

Arrange for babysitting to keep young children away from underfoot.

To get to your new place, pack a package of everything you need in the car. These will include telephones, chargers, food, medications, diapers, electronics and children’s comfort products.

Print out your inventory list so that you can check it off as each box moves.

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