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Tips For Unpacking After A Move

Tips For Unpacking After A Move

You’ve probably heard lots of tips on how to pack before moving. But what about tips on how to unpack after a move? This process is just as stressful as packing your move.

With that in mind, we’ve got some tips for unpacking your stuff after a move. Read on to learn more about the tips on how to unpack your things in an efficient way. If you follow our tips, you should be on track to become fully settled in less than a month after move-in day.

Organize as You Unpack

Moving into your new house means you have a clean slate to work with as far as the organization goes. So, as you unpack, put items exactly where you want them. For example, as you unpack the boxes in your bathroom, you can use dividers in your drawer of makeup items to separate your eyeshadows, blush, and lipsticks. This thorough unpacking makes it convenient for you to see all of the makeup stuff you have and find what you need right away.

If you decide you’d like some help with your unpacking process, our expert and reliable movers in Poughkeepsie, NY can unpack your entire household safely. Our team is efficient and handles your items with care.

Tips for unpacking after a move

Use A Checklist

During the unpacking process, it is recommended to create a checklist showing the number of boxes and contents contained in each of them. The checklist is one of the most important things during the unpacking process that will help you to efficiently unpack your belongings according to the room they belong to.

Unpack Importance Stuff First

It is recommended to unpack the most valuable items first. With the help of your checklist, identify those boxes that contain the important stuff, and unpack it. Your important things include stuff you can’t do without, for instance, your important clothing, toiletries, and kitchen stuff.

Prioritize Your Unpacking Task

The best way to start the unpacking task is to select boxes containing essential items. You will need things like work clothing, shoes, toiletries, and cooking utensils right away as you start your daily life in your new home. Unpacking boxes with important items right away gives you more space to move around in your home. Also, it helps you to avoid tearing boxes to search for stuff you need right away. If you hired Your Hometown Mover to help you pack, then these important boxes are already marked with a room name making it very easy to find the ones to unpack first.

Put Your Accomplishment On Display

As you work to fulfill your goals and unpack the boxes in each room in your home, pile the empty, broken down boxes in one corner. So, every time you feel weary in your unpacking work, you can look over in the corner to see the physical evidence that you are making progress. When the pile gets too high, take your boxes out to the garage and start building a new one.

Give Yourself the Motivation To Unpack

Give yourself a time frame for unpacking each room. Also, reward yourself if you finish by your deadline. Think about the things you enjoy. Maybe there is a movie coming out that you’re looking forward to watching. Make that movie your motivation for unpacking all of the boxes in a room or your office. Setting a deadline and adding an incentive to it gives you a solid timeline in your mind.

Unpack Your Stuff One Room At A Time

After unpacking your important belongings, go on and unpack the rest of the boxes. It is essential that you do it one room at a time. For instance, if you choose to start with the living area, unpack and organize everything to that end. Upon making sure that everything in the area is perfectly in order, move on to the next room. Simply put, don’t unpack one room halfway and then jump into the next and unpack it halfway.

Don’t Unpack Your Stuff In One Day

Unless you hire a reputable moving company to help you, do not try and unpack all your stuff in a single day. It will be quite tiresome and unsettling. Unpack only the things you need on your first day, and then unpack the rest every other day when you have time until the last box is unpacked. This way, you are able to place each and everything in its designated place.

Avoid buying New Stuff Before Unpacking

It is normal if you want to get new stuff after your move. While they might be important, it is recommended not to do it before you are finished with unpacking and organizing your stuff. But if you decide to do so, you will end up using lots of money and a group of more scattered belongings.

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