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Perfect Guide when Moving to a Dorm Room at College

Moving to a Dorm Room

Moving to a college can be one of the most exciting, but also the hardest times of your life. You might be traveling thousands of miles from home to attend your college of choice, or you might just be moving to campus just a few miles from your parent’s house. Regardless of how far your move, you have some seriously exciting times ahead as you make the shift to living like a college student. Turn the headache of moving logistics over to the capable hands of Your Hometown Mover. Whether you’re moving to a college dorm for the first time, we can help you with the moving process, so you can focus on your busy schedule!

Moving is never easy but you lessen the burden by preparing yourself. Here are some tips to ease the process of moving into a college dorm.

Moving into a school dormitory can be an overwhelming however energizing experience for a first-year understudy. Here are answers to probably the most widely recognized inquiries regarding moving in proficiently.


When you move into your college dorm, you will definitely need to bring things with you. Therefore, you will need to find a way to store them in an efficient manner. There are some different storage options to consider. The option that you ultimately decide on will have a lot to do with the amount of storage space you have.

Carry a toolbox with you

From hanging blinds and amassing furniture to fixing free screws and setting workmanship on the dividers, you’re going to require devices to assist you with fixing and manufacture things in your school apartment. Notwithstanding being significant on move-in day, this toolbox will demonstrate convenience all through the whole school year. Try to buy a little toolbox that fits effectively under your bed. The toolbox should come furnished with all fundamental apparatuses just as picture hanging equipment.

Dress fittingly

Move-in day isn’t the ideal opportunity for high heels and tight garments. Trust us when we state that you will need to be agreeable when strolling all over different stairways, lifting substantial boxes, and amassing apartment things. We suggest staying with agreeable shoes (ideally tennis shoes), socks, and lightweight garments to abstain from overheating. Dressing for a functioning move won’t just increment your productivity, yet additionally your degree of solace for the duration of the day.

Get a rundown of necessities from the school and pack in like manner

Before the school year starts, universities ought to give all understudies who are moving into understudy lodging with an agenda of essential things to bring. Moreover, the school ought to give you a rundown of things that are now in the apartment to keep you from over-packing. For example, apartments commonly come outfitted with a bed, sleeping cushion, dresser, work area, and seat. In many cases, an apartment additionally comes outfitted with a small scale refrigerator and shelf. The school ought to send around a rundown of explicit things that you’ll need, for example, twin sheets (numerous apartment beds require extra long twin sheets), clothing basics, washroom fundamentals, and then some.

Peruse the school’s Housing and Residence Life rules

Your school ought to furnish you with a lot of insights regarding how to move into your school residence just as what’s in store on moving day. Significant rules may remember when and where to check for on move-in day, how to enlist, where to stop, who to request help, and so on. The school’s Housing and Residence Life rules may likewise furnish you with a rundown of structures to bring as well as a sign once you move in.

Have in any event one relative or companion help with the move

Try not to move to school without anyone else. We suggest bringing a companion or relative curious to see what happens. You’ll probably require help lifting weighty things and boxes here and there those school residence steps. Having an additional arrangement of hands will likewise be valuable when amassing furniture, unloading your room, and setting everything up. On the off chance that a relative can’t drive you to school, try to ask a companion well ahead of time so they can make plans to drop you off.

Manage your move

On your Move-in day, make sure you have all the necessary information you need and bring a copy of your final list of items (this will come in handy when you move out). Don’t forget items usually left behind, such as your cell phone and cell phone charger.

Hiring a moving company

For many students, a parent’s mini-van is simply not enough. If you’re planning to move a heck of a lot of belongings into your College dorm, you may want to consider hiring the best moving company to assist you with your upcoming College move.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed at the thought of moving, then let Your Hometown Mover help! We work with licensed moving professionals to help College students find affordable moving assistance.

Your Hometown Mover proudly serves Poughkeepsie, Fishkill, Kingston, Middletown, New Paltz, Newburgh, Rhinebeck, Wappingers Falls, and  New York’s Hudson Valley region and its surrounding areas, so you can rest assured that your move will be in good hands.

Ready for the move?

We hope that the above information will help you as you move into your dorm room. If you would like more information about our reputable moving and storage services, please contact us at (845) 419-3808 or simply fill out the form and we’ll get back to you with FREE quotes for your move.

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