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Car Shipping Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide for Your Peace of Mind

Car Shipping Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide for Your Peace of Mind

Protecting Your Valuable Asset: Your Vehicle

Your vehicle is likely one of your most treasured and costly possessions, coming second perhaps only to your home. Naturally, it’s of utmost importance to keep this substantial asset properly secured. So, when you’re looking into shipping your car with a dedicated automobile transit company, you’ll want to make sure that it’s thoroughly covered. Car shipping insurance is a critical factor to consider during the moving process to avoid unnecessary costs and anxiety.

Why Car Shipping Insurance?

With car shipping insurance, peace of mind is attainable as you handle the other aspects of your move, whether local or long-distance. It’s a provision that cannot be overlooked, considering that accidents, although rare, can occur during transit. However, the intricacies of auto transport insurance often raise essential queries and may necessitate some clarification.

Understanding the Basics of Car Shipping Insurance

In most cases, auto transportation companies include some level of insurance in the shipping process. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to verify this with the service provider and to understand the extent of the coverage provided – including things as deductibles, damage types covered, claims procedures, and more.

Are All Damages Covered?

It’s crucial to understand that not all damages may be covered by the basic insurance provided by the shipping company. It’s important to scrutinize the terms of coverage for any exclusions.

Data Analysis: Examining Claims Numbers

Statistics from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration indicate that less than 5% of all car shipments have a formal claim filed. While that percentage is relatively low, it’s not insignificant and highlights the importance of proper coverage.

Adding Additional Insurance

Depending upon the company, the value of your car, and the risk level of transportation, you might want to consider purchasing additional insurance coverage. Your current auto insurance policy may offer protection for transport damages, but again, scrutinize the fine print. Consult with an insurance broker if needed for the best guidance on this.

Partnering with a Trusted Moving Company

At [Your Hometown Mover](https://yourhometownmover.com/book-a-move/), we understand how stressful moving can be and do our utmost to make it a smooth and hassle-free process. We facilitate both local and long-distance moves, aiming to lighten your load in every way – including sourcing and breifing you on reputable auto transport companies that prioritize the safety and security of your possessions just as we do with your other items.

The Takeaway

Car shipping insurance helps shield you against unforeseen incidents during the transit. Arm yourself with the right information and make informed decisions to ensure your vehicle is adequately covered during the moving process.
Original Article: https://www.movebuddha.com/blog/car-shipping-insurance/

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