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Essential Tips for Preparing Your Car for Shipping: A Step-by-Step Guide

Essential Tips on Preparing Your Car for Shipping: Step-by-Step Guide

Cooling your heels in anticipation of your big move? While moving can indeed be a thrilling adventure, it can also be overwhelming, especially when considering how to move your beloved vehicles. Many homeowners often underestimate the task of moving their vehicles when relocating to a new town or state. Have you considered how you’ll transition your vehicles to your new home?

Scarily enough, not all moving firms are equipped to offer vehicle shipping services. This gap in service often necessitates the involvement of a reputable car shipping company for a safe vehicle transition. So, after cherry-picking Your Hometown Mover for all your moving needs, you might want to cast your net further to catch a reliable vehicle shipping company.

A Quick Peek into Stats: Why You Might Need Car Shipping Services

According to Statista, a renowned data analysis platform, there were approximately 273.6 million registered vehicles in the United States in 2018. As Americans regularly move, part of those millions of cars inevitably need to be transported to various locations yearly. This data throws more light on the significance of car shipping companies.

How to Gear Up Your Car for Shipping

In preparation for the big day, here are five crucial steps you might want to consider:

Step 1: Get Your Car in Ship-Shape

Start by cleaning up your car. This simple act is more important than it looks. A clean car makes it easier for you or the shipping company to identify any existing dents or scratches before the shipping process.

Step 2: Secure Loose Items

Ensure to fasten loose parts to prevent them from causing damages to your car during transit. Items such as spoilers, fog lights, or antennas that cannot be fastened should be removed.

Step 3: Keep Your Fuel Level Low

Trim down your fuel to about a quarter (1/4) or eighth (1/8) of the tank. A full gas tank adds considerable weight to your car, something shipping companies will discourage as they aim to minimize load weight for safety and bust the fuel efficiency.

Step 4: Check Your Car’s Battery and Tires

Before shipping, it’s crucial to make sure your car’s battery is fully charged, and all tires are inflated correctly. A car with a dead battery or flat tires can complicate the shipping process, causing delays.

Step 5: Switch off Your Alarm

Round off your prep process by disabling your car alarm. This would save your shipping company quite some trouble, especially when transporting your car over long distances.

In summary, remember to take photos after prepping your car for shipping. This serves as an extra layer of protection should there be damages during shipping.

Wrapping Up

At Your Hometown Movers, we are committed to making your moving process stress-free, offering comprehensive local and long-distance moving services, leaving you to handle just your vehicle shipping arrangements. We understand that your vehicle is one of your most cherished possessions and advocate for thorough preparations before trusting it to a shipping company.

Relocating soon? Book a move with us and let us relieve you of the moving stress.

Looking forward to making a successful move? Start by learning about the most recommended car shipping companies and how best to prepare your vehicle for transit. These five essential steps would place you on a smooth path to a stress-free car shipping experience.

This post is inspired by contents from moveBuddha.
Original Article: https://www.movebuddha.com/blog/prepare-car-for-shipping/

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