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Common Moving Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Young couple buried under heap of boxes indoors. Moving into new house

Avoid making these common mistakes and your move will be much easier! You may have heard that moving is a hassle, but did you know the key to an easy transfer lies in preparation? Here are some helpful tips for those who are ready (or not-so) about moving.

Couple preparing to things for movingGetting stuck in the past

It is natural for it to be hard to let go of the past when you are going through a big move, but don’t get too caught up in reminiscing about the old home that you end up failing to prepare for your new one.  Of course, you will always have memories from your time there, however, moving on is crucial to your happiness and success in the future.

Decluttering, de-personalizing, and organizing your home before moving day is the best way to prevent this from becoming a problem. The more unnecessary stuff you have, the more labor and fuel it takes to move it. Sort your belongings into four separate piles — keep, toss, donate, and recycle.

Taking your sweet time

Imagine yourself in this scenario: You brainstorm for hours on end, trying to decide what the most efficient way to pack your belongings will be. Then you carefully wrap each gift-giving item in newspaper and place them gently into boxes that are clearly labeled, all while making sure everything makes it to the new home intact.  Now imagine doing this for five days. Yeah, it’s a lot of work, so stop procrastinating and start moving or you’ll end up doing everything last minute and leaving important things behind.

Not hiring a professional does not always mean saving money

It’s always nice to get help from friends and family during this milestone in your life. You get more work done and get to spend time with them but unless you don’t mind doing all the physical labor yourself when you get to your new home, we highly recommend hiring a professional to load and unload your furniture for you. If you decide to go this route, make sure it is not the last thing on your list, or that could translate into extra money spent in the long run, such as having to buy more boxes, gasoline for your car, or painkillers from all the muscle strain of heavy lifting.

Too trusting

Not because you’ve already hired the cheapest moving company you could find doesn’t mean that you’ll just sit back and relax. Some moving companies may steal your belongings, be unreliable, or will refuse to reimburse damages caused by the move. To avoid this, do your research when hiring a moving company. Read online reviews and consider advice from friends before talking to different ones on the phone- find out what they offer that might be right for you (are their prices comparable?). Make sure an estimate isn’t just too good of a deal but also includes all fees involved such as fuel surcharge or tolls; some companies may charge extra if there’s traffic going into work during rush hour which could cause delays in delivery time! Pay close attention throughout each contract phase – read through every section carefully because terms can vary quite liberally between lines.

Woman on phone after packing boxes

Packing skills

Although putting all your belongings in a box, taping it, and loading it into the van seems like an easy task, there’s a lot of things to consider such as packing your heavy items in small boxes this way you won’t get tempted to add more stuff in the same box and make it heavier. Don’t pack everything in one day – take your time labeling, sorting, and making sure all your fragile belongings are secure in the boxes (bubble wrap is your best friend). 

You forgot to make an inventory list

An inventory list is a must for you to know what all your boxes contain and where they go in the new house. You can create one from the old pen and paper or an app, either way, this will save time during unpacking and it will help make sure that the movers don’t leave anything behind.

Losing mail

It is easy to forget to change your address with your postal service with all the preparations going on for your move. Head to the post office’s website and fill-up the form to change your address, this doesn’t cost much but will save you a ton of headaches in the future.

Moving with couple carrying packages

You don’t have anything to use on your first few days in your new house

Moving day finally comes and everything goes smoothly as planned, suddenly you realize you do not have your toothbrush and you don’t know where you packed it. 

Packing a bag with a few days’ worth of clothes, charger, toiletries and other essentials for your first few days in your new home is a pretty practical move. Think of it like packing for a vacation to make sure you have everything you need to be comfortable during the first few days.

In an ideal world, we’d all have a spare month to prepare for the move. But that time just isn’t always available! Follow these tips and you’ll be ready in no time – or at least as prepared as possible. Your Home Town Mover in New York is glad to make this all possible. Call us today at 845-419-3808 to get a quote

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