Easy Ways To Save Space When Packing To Move

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When you’re preparing to move, there’s probably one thing on your mind: getting through the process as painlessly as possible. For many people, saving space is the key. Extra space means you can fit more belongings into boxes, which reduces packing costs. Extra space means you can fit more boxes into the moving truck, which means fewer trips back and forth, which cuts rental or logistics fees. But how exactly does one save space while moving? Don’t stress. Whether you’re using professional movers (like our movers in Wappingers Falls, NY) or are transporting things on your own, consider these easy ways to save space when packing to move.

Purge First

Perhaps the easiest way to save space is to have fewer things in the first place. While you pack, take the time to sort through your belongings and get rid of things you don’t need. This is an excellent opportunity to give back to the community by having an affordably priced garage sale or giving your belongings to charity.

Organize Before Packing

An organized container is a space-saving container. While you pack your belongings, take a few extra minutes to organize the box, bag, or other means of storage. After you’ve packed the container, save yourself a headache in the future by labeling it. The label can be as simple as “Kitchen” or as complex as a list of everything inside.

Take Advantage of Drawers

Save space in the moving truck by using your dresser, nightstand, and buffet table drawers. Leave lightweight items, such as clothes, sheets, towels, papers, and miscellaneous odds and ends, in the drawers rather than taking them out and packing them in separate boxes. Worried about the drawers opening and spilling the contents? Secure them with stretch wrap.

Use Your Suitcases

If you own suitcases and other luggage carriers, don’t forget to use them! Rolling suitcases are especially helpful for moving smaller, heavier items, such as books and kitchenware. Not only will you save space, but you won’t have to dread hauling extremely heavy boxes back and forth from the moving van.

Use Space-Saving Packing Techniques

An easy way to save space when packing to move is by using various packing techniques. One example is the nesting technique. Here, you nest smaller items in larger items, similar to Russian nesting dolls. This technique is great for kitchen bowls, Tupperware, shoes, and hats. Another space-saving trick is to roll up clothes rather than folding them flat and piling them up.

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