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How To Protect Your Art And Antiques During A Move

Arts and Antiques

Packing all of your stuff for a move requires a lot of hard work. While there are several items that are delicate and need special preparations, your artwork and antiques are likely to be at the top of this list. As an experienced professional mover in Poughkeepsie, NY, we’ve put together some moving tips on how to protect your valuable artwork, and antiques during a move to ensure their monetary or sentimental value.

Create a Packing Plan

When creating a packing plan, it is best to organize the different parts and specific processes for certain items in your home. Moving doesn’t seem as overwhelming as it does when you start the process. Before you get started, we recommend creating a plan for properly packing your different types of belongings.

Taking time to take care of your valuables is important and will help relieve stress and damage to your items in the long run.

Create an Inventory

After creating a packing plan, it is important to create an inventory of your artwork and antiques. This will help you determine which items you can pack yourself and which should be handled by professional movers, such as large or extremely valuable pieces. If you have any high-value artwork, remember to get it assessed before the move and have them properly insured.

Packing your items requires various packing supplies

  • For large paintings, you should use special boxes. Unlike your typical moving boxes, cardboard picture boxes are large, flat, and adjustable, perfect for protecting the framed artwork.
  • Corner protectors are very helpful as well. Made of cardboard, paper, bubble wrap, plastic, or foam, corner protectors can help prevent damage to the corners of the frames and prevent the corners from causing damage to other items.
  • When packing sculptures, you will need some of the standard packing supplies, like an unprinted newspaper, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts.

How to protect your art and antiques during a move

Tips for packing your artwork and canvas painting

The most basic types of art are large photos in glass frames or canvas paintings, which will likely be the easiest to handle. Here’s how you should pack these types of artwork:

  • Make sure you have lots of bubble wrap to properly wrap the pieces so nothing is exposed.
  • Start by laying the picture or artwork face down on the bubble wrap with plenty of extra material to wrap the backside of the picture once it has been placed properly on the bubble wrap.
  • Tape the bubble wrap securely around the artwork so there is no surface of the art showing and that nothing could be dropped and cause further damage to the piece.
  • If you are moving the art yourself, the bubble wrap is probably enough to be carefully taken by you to your new house.
  • If your art will be placed in the back of a moving truck, it is recommended to find a cardboard box to secure the artwork in for extra protection.

Packing your Sculptures and Antiques

To pack sculptures and antiques, you will first need to get boxes that are bigger than the items themselves. Make sure the box won’t be too close-fitting, since every piece will have to be filled with bubble wrap or newspaper, adding to the item’s size.

Once you have the right boxes, you can now start the packing process. Wrap each item with bubble wrap and seal the covering together with tape. Then, place the item inside the box upright and fully cover the item with bubble wrap. Once the piece is secured, tape the box. Of course, don’t forget to put the word fragile into the box.

When moving, it is important to pack your artwork and antiques properly. Whether they are valuable pieces or cheap ones you picked up at the store, the artwork is an important part of any home. By following these tips, you can ensure your artwork and antiques will survive the move and be ready to be displayed in your new home.

Hire Professional Movers Specializing in Art & Antiques

One way to protect your valuables during a move is to hire a licensed and insured moving company that have experience packing and transporting art and antiques.

Contact Your Hometown Mover for a free moving and storage quote today.

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