How to Safely Move Your Artwork

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When you’ve invested in art, financially as a collector, or as an artist, as you move a long distance in New York, packing and transporting your items is a serious undertaking that needs to be handled carefully and accurately.

Art restoration is a costly and time-consuming process that would be avoided by any art collector. So how do you make sure that your investment is covered if you migrate because you travel long distances in New York?

Before you start the packaging process, the first step is always to take stock of what needs to be packed and make sure you have the materials you need at your disposal.

Tools and Supplies You Will Need

  • Boxes in multiple sizes
  • Masking tape
  • Brown packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Markers
  • Scissors and/or a box cutter
  • Cardboard corners

It’s important to note that, newspapers shouldn’t be used to pack artworks. Newspapers can easily get wet and damage when used to rap artworks. Artworks should also

Packing of Glass Paintings or Prints

Fit the artwork with appropriate boxes

Sort your artwork by size. In most cases, it is possible to band and bundle small and medium-sized artwork together. It’s best to pack each piece in a separate specialty box that’s slightly larger than the frame you’re packing.

Pack all your artworks in different sized boxes so as to prevent them from breaking. Don’t put your box in a wet place or anywhere near water so that your box won’t get wet or damn.

Place masking tape in an “X” pattern across the glass

If the frame has a glass covering, use masking tape to place an X across the glass. This will prevent the glass from shattering completely or moving too much if it breaks. You can also tape all over the glass if you really want to keep the artworks safe.

The tape helps when the artwork breaks and won’t let it shatter everywhere and also stain or spoil your artworks.

Cover the glass with a piece of cardboard strong or corrugated, mat or foam sheet

Protect the painted face by wrapping it in multiple layers of kitchen plastic wrap or commercially available palette wrap if your artwork does not have glass over it. The strong cardboard, foam sheet, or mat should be fold or put in strong layers that will prevent your artworks from breaking or getting spoilt.

How to remove artworks on wall

Wrap the whole painting in a bubble wrap

Place the brown paper flat on your work surface on a flat work surface so that the ends overlap to create a paper region twice the size of your frame.

Wrap the packing tape lengthwise and widthwise around the container. This will ensure that during the transition, the paper remains in place. Repeat the bubble wrap cycle.

When you take a small photo and frames and bring them together in a moving bag, wrap them in paper wrapping. You want to make sure that during the move the glass doesn’t crack.

Buy durable cardboard corner protectors if you want additional protection for the corners of your picture frames.

Prepare the box at the bottom

At the bottom of your box, place wadded newsprint. Then you can put the artwork on the box and work on the sides and top filling.

Test movement

Close but do not seal the box. Move the box smoothly back and forth and see if anything changes. If you do, you’ll have to open the box and add more padding until all stays in place.

Sealing and marking

Once this is done, you should tape the boxes that have been shut down and label them as “fragile items” and “artwork” so that the movers will be able to take extra care.

When you care about your art and are unable to take adequate care, it’s best left to competent movers with artwork experience. Please contact Your Hometown Movers for more information or to get an instant estimate.

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