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Great Packing Tips for Movers

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Packing is one of the most tedious parts of moving into a new location, there are plenty of tried-and-true moving tips out there to make the whole process easier and this is one of those guides you need.

Today we will be talking about a few great packing tips for movers.

You need to follow these great packing tips to ensure that everything is in order before you move. Knowing how to pack correctly, and picking the correct packing boxes and containers, will help you lessen your stress. Having to pack up an entire house can feel overwhelming.

However, the more organized you are, the more time and energy you will save. Consider creating a packing list to make sure you move as efficiently as possible.

So are you ready to follow the packing tips below for a hassle-free move? If yes, let’s dive right into it without further ado.

Below are the moving tips you should consider.

Tips for movers

Tips for moving

When planning a move or during a move, things can turn out badly during a move, on the other hand, things can also go right, when you follow these great moving tips, you do not have to worry.

There are many guides and moving tips for each and every situation, this particular guide will fit into your moving need, it will help you during your moving procedure.

Various individuals will have explicit needs or concerns, calculating how to move significant wood furniture, fragile legacies because they may require exceptional facilities, yet for most cases, this complete tips for moving will help.

  1. Start Early
  2. Pack one room at a time
  3. Do not pack air
  4. Place heavy items in small boxes
  5. Trash bags for light and non-breakables
  6. Protect your things
  7. Find cheap moving boxes
  8. Pack and plan for your first night

So here you go with the moving tips, to give you a better understanding of the above-listed moving tips.

Start early

No matter how good you are, packing always takes longer than you think. Start two or three weeks before moving day. Pack items you use least first. I always start with china and books.

Starting early is one of the tips I notice a lot of movers miss. By the way, what time is early? I know you might want to ask this question so what time is early?

You should start planning to move and packing at least 1 or 2 month(s) before moving.

Pack one room at a time

You will feel more organized by packing each room orderly. Pack least-used items first. When unpacking, leave these boxes for another day if you run out of time. Clearly label boxes, for example: ‘kitchen tools’. You could also make an inventory list detailing items for each room or box so you know where everything is.

Do not pack air

If boxes are not fully packed, there will be a possibility of shifting and damage. To secure the contents of a box, pack pieces as tightly as possible and fill empty space with packing paper.

Place heavy items in small boxes

It is best to keep the overall weight of each box under 40 lbs. So, when packing heavy things like books, use small boxes.

Trash bags for light and non-breakables

Boxes are great because they stack, but so are sturdy trash bags, because they squish. Fill large trash bags with soft no breakables. They can be stuffed into trucks and morph into shapes that boxes cannot.

Protect your things

Wrap your things securely – particularly if your stuff is travelling a long distance or over bumpy roads. The last thing you want to deal with is broken items upon unpacking. Bubble wrap will protect fragile items such as glassware and decorations.

If you are worried about furniture, wrap it in rolls of corrugated cardboard, available from moving companies. Protection blankets will cushion bulky items that do not fit in a box or use an old blanket. And consider wrapping things in white packing paper instead of a newspaper as the ink can stain.

Research where you can find cheap packaging supplies or check the items you need for a move.

Find cheap moving boxes

To find the cheapest cardboard boxes, get quotes from your trusted moving companies. These companies also specialize in clever packing ideas that can help you save valuable time. Instead of wrapping glasses in a newspaper, for example, pop them into a crockery box with a handy cardboard divider.

Wardrobe boxes come with a railing so you can put clothes on their hangers straight into them. There are also moving boxes for flat-screen TVs, wine cartons, and tough plastic moving bags that are more durable than regular garbage varieties.

Pack and plan for your first night

Pack an essentials box for your first night in your new home in case you run out of energy to unpack everything. Include toiletries, bottled water, toilet paper, snacks, pyjamas and a change of clothes. Also, make sure you connect your electricity and gas at least three days ahead of time so you’re not sitting in the dark.

Be wise when it comes to packing up your place and you will thank yourself later when it is time to unpack at your new place. And, once you have unpacked, do not forget to recycle your cardboard boxes for future use. Check out this “must-have packing essentials” for a perfect moving experience.


Tips for a Hassle-Free Moving in 2020

Tips for moving with the kids

Before you leave let me share a few more tips for hassle-free moving.

Below are a few considerate hassle-free moving tips

  1. De-clutter your home
  2. Secure your important items
  3. Create an inventory
  4. Remember the utilities
  5. Clean and organize
  6. Ask about storage service

You may have probably heard some stories about stable and hassle-free relocation and even more accounts of problematic and stressful moving encounters.

Those home movers who faced no problems when moving, were either lucky enough to come across responsible and reliable moving companies or had excellent organizational talents in planning and providing for all sorts of unanticipated circumstances.

If you want a hassle-free and successful relocation, you should begin the moving preparations in advance and pay consideration to all the obviously small details that have visible importance for the whole moving process.

Aside from choosing a new home, producing adequate moving funds, getting estimates, and hiring the best movers for your needs, it is best to prepare well before the movers arrive. Below is a list of useful tips you can follow to achieve a smooth and hassle-free moving or see our services.

Tip 1. De-clutter your home

Decluttering help you choose what and which things you need to bring. You can start by organizing the type of things you currently have. It is better to consider a garage sale so you can earn more funds you can use to pay for your relocation service.

Make sure to pack the things that you want and separate it from the stuff you don’t want to bring. Donating your unwanted thing to people who can use it is also a good idea.

This method does not only help you organize things but it can also help you earn money you can use to pay for your packing expenses on the things that you want.

Tip 2. Secure your important items

Passports, documents, ID’s, and other critical items need to be secured first so you can guarantee you never lose one. You can put it in a strong sturdy container to protect it from harsh elements during a move.

Tip 3. Create an inventory

Make a thorough list of all the things you are about to move. It will be very useful when organizing your stuff and will serve as proof of the contents of your household shipment should something go missing or get damaged.

Tip 4. Remember the utilities

Schedule the disconnection or transfer of utilities, such as electricity and cable TV, for the day after you’ll be out of your home. This way, you’ll have access to power and other services.

Tip 5. Clean and Organize

When you already packed the things in an organized manner, make sure to label each box. Arrange the boxes according to its contents types. It is a wise move to label boxes with numbers so you can easily track it to your inventory list.

Tip 6. Ask about storage service

If you are to sell your house and relocating, you may want to keep some of your things in a storage unit. Leave only those belongings that will help with the preparation of your new home or establishment. Some moving company offers a reliable storage service. Ask your moving service provider if they offer this service.


10 extra moving tips you cannot do without

Moving tips

Moving from one place to another has never been easy. After all, no one looks forward to lifting large boxes in and out of trucks, up and downstairs. However, moving day doesn’t have to be totally stressful.

All it takes is a little planning ahead to make the entire process a lot easier, in this article, I will share

  1. Pack Ahead
  2. Get Organized Early
  3. Create a master moving to-do list
  4. Label everything
  5. Hire a reputable moving company
  6. Pick the right moving day
  7. Protect your valuables
  8. Pack the non-essential items first
  9. Make copies of important papers
  10. Be ready for your movers
  11. Get in touch

Pack ahead

Packing little by little is far less stressful than trying to take it all in one day. As early as a couple of months out, start packing all the items you know you won’t be using. This can be anything from off-season clothing to books you’ve already read to photographs and souvenirs.

Get organized early

Avoid leaving anything until the last minute. Unless you have to pack up and leave immediately, chances are you have between 30 and 60 days to make a plan and guarantee that moving day runs smoothly. Create a countdown list and list everything you need to accomplish week by week.

Create a master moving to-do list

When you move homes, you surely end up having hundreds of different things to do and remember. Don’t let all these tasks and important notes no matter how small slip your mind. Write them down somewhere.

Label everything

Label all sides of the box properly. Whoever is moving in your boxes might not make sure all labels are facing one way for your easy retrieval. Try labelling each side using a marker so you can quickly find what you need in a stack.

Hire a reputable moving company

Hiring a moving company can often make or break your entire moving experience, so it’s important to get it right. The more effort you put into finding a reputable moving company with excellent customer service ahead of time, the less hassle you’ll have on moving day.

As a professionally licensed and insured local moving company in Poughkeepsie, NY, Your Hometown Mover offers high-quality full-service moving and storage at half the cost of the major van lines.

Pick the right moving day

Hire a professional mover at least a month ahead so you can plan accordingly. If you have a flexible schedule, play around with possible moving dates and try to find the cheapest time of the month to make an appointment.

Protect your valuables

Find a secure place to keep your valuables on moving day. Insure anything that’s valuable or breakable if you’re working with a moving company. And if you’re moving a computer, do a quick backup of important files just in case something happens in transportation.

Pack non-essential items first

Don’t just start boxing up everything in sight, pack up your belongings in a strategic manner. Go room-by-room and begin packing up items that you do not use very often, like décor and accessories. Leave the things that you usually use for last. This will save you time searching boxes you already packed for that one item you need!

Make copies of important papers.

Pack a separate box or briefcase with copies of all your important papers in case of an emergency. Though it might be time-consuming to scan or copy every birth certificate, passport, proof of insurance paper and other important papers, you don’t want to risk damaging the only version of your papers in transportation.

Be ready for your movers

Whether you have professional movers or family showing up at your door, be ready for them when they arrive.

Get in touch!

We hope these moving tips come in handy during your next move. Feel free to contact our expert movers anytime for additional information and get a free moving quote today! Call us (845) 419-3808.

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