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Moving Checklist Timelines: Putting things in place

Checklist for moving 2020

Many a time, people carry a lot of burdens when they are about to move, with this moving checklist timeline, you will save your self the stress of having to ask yourself  “Oh what next?” “Have I done this or have I done that?”

Moving has never been easy but you have got to be happy, as you will much be relieved, this Moving checklist timeline will put everything in place for you without having to multi-task. There are some things that you should be crossing off your to-do list as you reach the big date, the excitement of a new move comes the fear of not getting everything done in time.

What do you need to know?

Moving is a process, it never happens overnight, this is the first thing I say, so take a deep breath and relax, it is a process, not an event, so reasonably it is prudent to take things one at a time. That is why we prepared this guide, this helpful moving checklist will be perfect for anyone.

No matter where you are moving to, big or small, this guide will answer the following questions;

  • What should you be doing a month before you move
  • What should you be doing a week before you move?
  • What should you be doing now

Different things start running through your mind, even after you move, you should carefully work out things. Heck unpacking could be another subject to be concerned with you, so relax let’s carefully strategies things to put in place before you move.

In this guide, we will examine the three moving options available to everyone. Moving is not easy when done orderly and with ease, you will have nothing to be worried about.

Moving checklist: Options while planning out your moving.

Moving checklist guide 2020

In this guide, we will talk about three moving options, these are moving checklist anyone will consider, but before we start I will ask you to be ready for each and every process that will be taken while moving from your current location to the other.

  1. Self-moving checklist
  2. Hired-moving checklist (Hybrid moving)
  3. Hired-moving Checklist (Full-service move)

Self-moving Checklist

This kind of moving is usually the most complicated and stressful, you use your own vehicle or get a friend’s truck, then pack all your stuff, and drive to the location you are moving to

With a self-moving checklist, you can completely lessen the burden starting from packing your stuff and getting your house prepared.

If you cross out the items in this self-moving checklist you will see that the whole thing will go easier than you imagined.

If you are currently planning to use this option, then the outlined items in this article will help you.

Hired-moving Checklist (Hybrid)

In this form of moving you probably pack your properties then hire a truck that will take them and unpack them to our desired destination.

It is quite of no much difference except that you will be hiring a truck that will help you move your properties.

If you also consider using this option of moving then this article will help you plan things out well.

Hired moving (Full Service)

In this form of moving the stress is exactly less, you hire movers, relax and let the movers pack everything and drive them to where you are moving to.

This kind of moving saves time and reduces the task you will do in self-moving.

The movers you choose will be determined by your budget and destination.

If you require such a service, your hometown movers can help you easily pack and move your properties.

Moving checklist from one month to the day of your packing

Moving checklist 2020

Without further ado, below is the perfect checklist of what to do from your transfer one month, three weeks out, a week out, then a day out. Organization and planning are essential to ensure a smooth handover. you will need to move.

One month before you move


  • Organize and inform people you have to inform of your moving plan: The very first thing to do is to inform people you have to that you will be moving in a month’s time. This will help in many ways, but we see a lot of people doing this 1 week or very close to the day they are moving out especially when you are moving to a far place. Examples of people you need to inform are Local schools, utilities, friends and family, church, government agencies, your current landlord anywhere you hold subscriptions, or anyone else who may be sending you documents within the next few months.
  • Organize other things: Buy some color-coded files and folders where all the paperwork related to your transfer can be kept. Take thorough notes in an envelope, and shop receipts in the pockets and other small pieces of paper.
  • Sort out your belongings: It will cause you coarse or stress if you start rushing to arrange things such as your belongings very close to the time you want to move, this should be done one month to the time you plan to move out. Try to sort by all your belongings, hold them in three different piles: one for donation, one for discarding, and one for holding.
  • Build or Purchase Furniture and other items you will require: A month before you move, you should get items that you will be using in your new apartment, this is very essential, so start planning out the kinds of stuff you will be needing in your new house, buy and collect all the items you need including boxes, tape and bubble wrap.
  • Work pushes companies: If you are considering hiring a company that will move your properties for you, inquire about the prices, experience, and available services. Find out if they’re specialized in the type of movement you need, like small movements or fast hauls.

Three Week before you move out

  • Hire or Prepare the truck you will be using for your move: Most people engage in local moving, while some have to move to a different state or country entirely, the place you are moving to will determine what means of moving you will need, for local moving, there is a local moving checklist that can get you through the process. If you are moving to another town, three weeks before your move, hire a company or if you are using a self-moving option, prepare your truck, or get a friend’s.
  • Start Packing: Go room by room to stop getting overwhelmed. Mark and color-code all boxes with the contents and what rooms at the new home they will be put in once. To prevent breakage, antiques, collectibles, and electronics should be shipped separately and with the correct packaging supplies.

One week before you move

  • Dispose of hazardous materials: Like paint and propane, properly.
  • Start cleaning and putting things arranged: A lot of folks start running helter-skelter on the day they are moving out trying to clean and order the properties. The best approach is, a week to the day planned for moving out, it is nice to put the property in place for the new homeowners, whichever the case may be,
  • Call the Moving company you have hired: Confirm the day and time they will turn up to handle your shift or call your mover (any option that you and to use).

One day before you move

  • Arrange for babysitting: If you have a baby, arrange the babysitting and other baby’s items to keep young children away from underfoot.
  • For Self-movers: To get to your new place, pack a package of everything you need in the car. These will include telephones, chargers, food, medications, diapers, electronics, and children’s comfort products.
  • Print out your inventory list so that you can check it off as each box moves.

Above is a concise moving checklist to save yourself from stress and overthinking.

Packing tips for moving

Movers checklist 2020

I thought you may also need some packing tips for moving, below are some tips to consider while packing.

  1. Get rid of things you don’t need before you start packing.
  2. Consider renting containers to pack stuff
  3. Do not mix items of different rooms in the same container.
  4. If you are moving expensive arts, ask your movers for special crating
  5. Put the essentials with you.

I hope this moving checklist was helpful to you.

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