How To Stay Organized When Moving?

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No matter how many times you move, you will always have a hard time organizing your belongings. At Your Hometown Mover, we’ve created guidelines to help you stay organized when moving and keeping your move on track and on schedule.

Follow These Steps to Stay Organized when Moving

Start With A Budget

Plan your move by listing all the expenses related to your move. Including moving services, packing materials, deposits for rentals, storage fees, and travel expenses. If you make a budget ahead of time, you can start saving for the move. A budget will help you the costs because you’ll begin to prioritize your spending and eliminate waste.

Create A Moving Timeline

To keep your things intact during your move, you need some reliable guidelines to refer to whenever you are planning to move. The very first thing to do is to create a detailed moving timeline that will help you stay organize your chores and monitor your progress.

Make sure to include all the tasks that need to be taken care of a week before your moving day, prioritize them according to their value and difficulty, and set a timeframe for each task. This way, you’ll have a clear sense of what needs to be done for the day and will be able to concentrate on one thing at a time.

Create an Inventory of Your Possessions

Creating a moving inventory sheet will help you sort out your belongings and keep track of your possessions during the moving process. It will help you get an idea of your moving costs, determine the kind and number of packing materials you’re going to need, and find out how long it will take you to pack your items. What’s more, your inventory list will also serve as your packing list and as a proof of the condition of your belongings before the move begins.

Purge Unwanted Items

Once you set aside all the things you’re not going to take to your new home, you need to get rid of them as quickly as possible, otherwise, they will clutter your space and add to the moving chaos in your home. Besides, the closer you get to your moving day, the less time and energy you’ll have to deal with garage sales, online sales, etc.

Keep Phone Numbers and Addresses

Make sure you have all the phone numbers and addresses may need during the moving process, especially your reputable moving company, auto services, medical facilities, emergency numbers, friends and relatives, etc. Have them saved in your mobile phone, and don’t forget to write them on papers as your communication device may run out of battery or get damaged.

Pack a moving day essentials box

When moving, don’t forget to pack your moving day essentials box or bag. Without it, your move could end up being a stressful experience. At Your Hometown Mover, we recommend first making a checklist of all moving day essentials. This way you won’t forget something important on your moving day. Essentials may include, important documents, ID and credit cards, medications, pet essentials, and toiletries.

Stay focused

Last but not least, keep your focus. If you manage your time well and keep your concentration high, the entire moving process will go smoothly without any problems. It takes nothing more than self-discipline and dedication to complete this remarkable task.

Need Help?

If your having trouble organizing your belongings, feel free to contact our professionally licensed and insured local moving company in Poughkeepsie, NY. Call us (845) 419-3808 or email us directly at to schedule an appointment.

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