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Common Packing Mistakes To Avoid When Moving

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Moving all your household items and personal possessions from one house to another is a huge project that requires a large number of moving tasks waiting to be achieved. Considering all the time and efforts that packing up an entire house requires, it’s no wonder why packing mistakes are common when moving.

To help you have a smooth and quick move to your new home, we have compiled a list of the common packing mistakes when moving.

Naturally, any such list of moving mistakes would be useless if adequate solutions were not given, so we have not skipped to offer you the best ways to correct the common mistakes when packing for a move.

Not Having A Packing Strategy

One of the serious packing mistakes you can make is to start the moving process without having a clear packing strategy. Be careful that packing on a random will only result in tons of wasted time and shattered nerves. Create a packing schedule for each day you have at your disposal until Moving day and fill it in with day-by-day packing tasks.

Refusing Any Packing Help

Depending on the number of items found in your home and the time you have until your moving day, the packing task ahead of you may vary from being hard to simply impossible to complete by one person or even one single family.

The packing schedule you have already created will give you a good idea of how badly you need packing assistance. If your moving budget says you can afford it, then the best solution for this typical packing mistake is to hire a reputable local mover who knows exactly what it takes to complete packing of any type and number of household items. Contact Your Hometown Mover in Poughkeepsie, NY today for your moving and packing needs

Not Obtaining Enough Packing Supplies

A common packing mistake when getting ready for a move is to find out that you don’t have enough packing supplies needed on the packing process. Think of all the time wasted while you’re trying to get hold of all the extra packing materials you need to pack your properties safely. Look at this common packing mistakes this way, it’s better to have acquired more packing supplies than you will need than to run out in the most inconvenient moment there is.

Packing All Your Properties Without Sorting

There’s nothing wrong in packing all your properties after you have sorted them out first. Remember that checking and sorting your household items is something you must do unless you wish to make the expensive packing mistakes of them all.

Packing Your Items The Wrong Way

Another common packing mistakes are to fail to follow the packing requirements that several sets of goods require, or in other words to treat all your properties the same when packing them for a move. It would be wise of you to pack all your items according to their specific needs.

To Assume You Won’t Need An Essentials Box

A packing mistake even smart people make when moving is to forget that once they place their properties into moving containers, they will no longer have access to them until the shipment is transported successfully inside their new homes.

Avoid the moving mistake of not packing an essentials box that will contain all your absolute lifesavers.

Believing Your Memory Is Enough To Label Your Boxes

Lastly, a typical packing mistake when moving that can cost you lots of relocation time is to not label your packed boxes the way you should. The large piles of non labeled moving crates can easily confuse even the most organized and attentive person.

Use a black marker to write down the content, destination room and handling instructions on each packed box, preferably on at least two of its sides. This way, the process of recognizing your delivered boxes and thus the entire process of unpacking will be much easier.

It’s Not That Hard

This might seem like a lot of things to remember but it’s not. Feel free to contact Your Hometown Mover anytime. Call us (845) 419-3808 or email us directly at [email protected] for more information.

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