Practical Packing and Storage Tips for Your Upcoming Move

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Moving is a stressful and time-consuming process. In order to avoid the chaos and confusion of an unplanned transition, review these practical packing and storage tips for your upcoming move.

Make a Donation Pile

The most practical piece of advice that will help you on your move is to make a donation pile. When you operate with a minimalist mindset, you will pare down the items that you do not actually need. A dedicated donation pile will encourage you to get rid of possessions you rarely touch or forgot that you owned. You should prioritize decluttering first, then sort out clothes that do not fit, appliances you never opened, and books you have already read. The bigger your pile, the less you have to pack for your move.

It Is Never Too Early To Start Packing

Packing is a laborious process that just takes time. It is not one of those things you can put off until the last second. Packing requires every spare second you have to wrap, tape, box, organize, and move out. It is never too early to start packing. Even if you still have another few months left in your current home, you can still start to declutter and donate your excess belongings. The sooner you get your eyes on your possessions, the better. Only once you have all your belongings out in the open will you realize the scope of your home and the items within it.

Store What You Cannot Bring

If you own things like a large library or a set of furniture from your great grandparents but lack sufficient space to store them in your new place, you should use a storage unit. Store what you cannot bring and find room for it elsewhere. Maybe you will have a large office space or can build an exterior shed in the future. But for now, you can store these items and keep your keepsakes safe.

Remember these practical packing and storage tips for your upcoming move. The more time and thought you put into the move, the easier things will be on moving day. If you need help with your transition, reach out to us at Your Hometown Mover. We are one of the premier moving companies in Fishkill, NY, and offer full-service moving aid.

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