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Why You Should Book Movers in Advance

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Even the most well-planned moves usually include a few unexpected last-minute problems. Whether it’s a misplaced item or bad weather, you’ll be prepared to handle anything if you secure as many details as early as possible. For your move to go smoothly as expected, you have to book movers in advance.

When you’re planning a move, one of the most important things you can do ahead of time is to book your moving company. In fact, it’s best to start the process of finding a reputable mover as early as you can. Here’s why:

  • Moving Companies Usually Schedule Far in Advance
  • The Quality of Service and Scheduling
  • It Makes Budgeting Easier
  • Booking in Advance Means Less Stress
  • The Amount You Have to Move
  • The Flexibility of Your Timeline
  • Special Needs or Specialty Items

Moving Companies Usually Schedule Far in Advance

Moving companies that do a great job tend to build up many good reviews and customer recommendations over time. That means the best moving companies are often busy, especially in spring and summer, the best and most popular seasons to move. If moving companies are scheduling far in advance, you should too. It will allow you to take your time considering your options and finding the best possible team to handle your move.

The Quality of Service and Scheduling

Want to lock in the best movers in Poughkeepsie, NY? Then schedule your move as soon as you have a certain date. The longer you delay the lower the level of service you will likely have, because the good companies get booked first. You may also be limited by what material is available, or you may have to change your schedule if you want to work with a particular company. When you book a moving company well in advance, you’ll get the provider you want and have more time to work out the details, which should make the process go a lot smoother.

It Makes Budgeting Easier

Most moving companies will give you a quote before you agree to hire them. Once you know how much you’re going to pay for moving services, it gets much easier to put together the rest of your budget. If you want to book movers and you’re looking to save money, contact Your Hometown Mover today, we offer a FREE Instant Full Service Moving Estimate.

Booking in Advance Means Less Stress

When you get down to one month, one week, one day before your move, you don’t want to be rushing around trying to find a mover who’s still available. Moving is usually stressful enough as it is, even if you plan incredibly well.

Why you should book movers in advance

Certain factors are out of your control like moving companies’ availability and how many other people in your area are moving in the same month. These are the things that can cause a lot of stress if you leave all the planning for the last minute. Calling early gives you one less big to-do item to worry about.

The Amount You Have to Move

If you have a big family or a large amount of stuff, this should be considered before deciding when you need to schedule a mover. Many people with larger homes see that booking mid-week gives them time to unpack through the weekend so they can get settled in with less stress and take minimal time off work. The movers may also be able to supply more man or truck power mid-week since fewer people are moving.

The Flexibility of Your Timeline

Last-minute moves are sometimes inevitable, but many people will have a month or so to get everything lined up. If there is a specific day that you need to move on getting the movers scheduled at least a few weeks out even in the off-season. Want to move on the weekend? That’s the plan for most people, so make sure to book the movers for a weekend at least two weeks in advance.

Special Needs or Specialty Items

Moves that require a unique mode of transport, equipment, or personnel need to be scheduled further in advance to ensure everything is lined up. Examples include moving over-sized items, valuable antiques, and specialty items like a pool table. It’s best to give your preferred local mover a call several weeks before the move to work out all the logistics.

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